Steampunk Story

The Colony:
- Aristocracy: those of noble birth 
wealthy enough to buy their status, 
overwhelmed by power, rulers of the city.

- Wardens: those of sword 
and force who in the name of law 
protect Free Cities .

- Philosophers: those of knowledge, skills, creativity and open mind. Mechanics, 
engineers, well educated people etc.

- Citizens: merchants, workers, craftsmen 
and ordinary people. 

Seekers from The Ruins
Runovers are the fraction living freely 
outside any big agglomerations. 
They are mostly wanderers, nomads, seekers, mercenaries gathered in clans or just outsiders. They are rough men prepared for the 
dangerous and hard life among ruins 
- well educated in survival. Their good 
adaptation to outskirts and useful skills make them self-sufficient. Skilled in as potion and poison making they’re god fighters and guiders.

Sky Pirates
Those who opposed colonies and established their own community. Air pirates are well armed, hot-blooded, honorable, dangerous and resourceful men. Their main source of transport are magnificent flying machine-ships and dirigibles. When it comes to gaining profits they tend to assault Harrasers and caravans, rarely Runovers. 
They have a passion for treasure hunt and all ancient 
artifact they could sell with a good price.
They’re fine, sly fighters who are flexible with guns and blades. Usually selfish but when it comes to fighting in a group they use motto: “All for One and One for All”.

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