Steampunk Armor: Materials & Tutorials

Another huge part of a steampunk costume is the armor or mechanical aspect.
The awesome thing is that the sky is the limit. It all just depends on the overall look you wish to achieve. Could you save time and go out and buy an awesome leather steampunked out mask or mechanical arm? Sure you could. But you would most likely have to spend hundreds of dollars for it.

Steampunk Lincoln

Now there are a lot of different materials that you could potentially use to build your steampunk inspired armor,depending on skill level and funds available, but here are a few popular choices.

Wonderflex: A thin plastic that can be heated and molded.
(I have actually used wonderflex several times and I found it both affordable and easy to use.)
Wonderflex questions
Price: $20+ depending on size of project.

Paper-Mâché: Paper reinforced by an adhesive.
Price: $1+ depending on size of project.

Craft Foam- A porous foam sheet that is both thin and flexible. (This is another material that I have used and loved.)
Price: $4+ depending on size of project.

Steampunk Arm

Leather: Tanned animal rawhide.
Price: $3.99+ (plus tool costs) depending on size of project and preferred color.
leather and resin mold

Fiberglass-A material consisting of extremely fine glass fibers. $30+ depending on size of project.

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